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EPSON SureColor P9570

From professional photography to proofing and graphic design, the SureColor P9570 was built from the ground-up to uniquely cater to the full spectrum of creative needs. Featuring all-new UltraChrome® PRO12 Ink, the SureColor P9570 captures every detail with unparalleled color brilliance2 and accuracy.

Epson P9570

EPSON SureColor S80600

The 64-inch SureColor S80600 features newly-developed Epson UltraChrome® GS3 9-color solvent ink – including an all-new Red solvent along with the option for white or metallic silver inks – for outstanding photographic print quality, durability, and media compatibility.


Providing a combination of large, high-resolution files, extraordinary detail, and superb control of color and tones.

Giclee Printing Equipment

Fine Art Scanning

Sacramento Giclee captures all of it’s artwork with a Super 6K-HS Better Light Scan Back System which allows us to reproduce your original artwork with a combination of large, high-resolution files, extraordinary detail, while still having superb control over color and tones. More and more of the world’s highest quality fine art reproductions and museum archiving is being accomplished with this amazing system. Please call for your quote today…916-344-0401

Fine Art Printing

Giclee printing provides an elevation in printmaking technology by creating prints from high resolution digital scans and printing them with archival quality inks onto various types of media including canvas, fine art, and photo papers. Our giclee prints are created on Epson’s 9800 and 9900 series printers. These printers use the most technologically advanced ink sets in the market today. Epson’s UltraChrome K3 and HDR inksets.

What Giclee Printing Provides Artists & Photographers

Giclee prints provide artists and photographers with the ability to have their work printed “on demand” without the high upfront cost of mass production. They can also be printed at almost any size and on many different medias, thus giving the artist the ability to customize his or her work for a specific client.

The giclee printing process

The giclee printing process provides for better color accuracy and longevity than lithography, and rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes. Prints can be found in museums and art galleries world-wide. A few of which include the Metropolitan in New York, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Chelsea Galleries.

Sacramento Giclee Inks and Paper

Epson UltraChrome HDR Inks

Featuring two extra colors – green and orange – the Epson Ultrachrome HDR (High Dynamic Range) ink set is the ultimate professional photo and graphic arts ink that achieves the highest level of color accuracy. Epson Stylus Pro printers using this ink have been certified to cover an unprecedented 98% of the Pantone Matching System colour gamut. This addition of orange and green inks takes inkjet colour performance to an entirely new level. Grass and foliage will be much more vivid and natural, while orange tones like sunsets will be more dazzling. Photographers will be delighted to see that the orange ink also lessens the graininess in skin tones.

LexJet Sunset Select Matte Canvas

LexJet’s Sunset Select Matte Canvas offers users a high-quality, water-resistant poly-cotton blend canvas with an unsurpassed white point. This new pH neutral, acid-free inkjet coating allows for greater consistency from print to print. It creates the perfect medium for fine art printers and photographers alike, truly making it the perfect vehicle for artist reproductions of the highest order. This material can be stretched, mounted, or finished with grommets.

LexJet Premium Archival Matte Paper

LexJet’s Premium Archival Matte Paper is a smooth, neutral-white, matte paper for high-quality fine art, photo reproduction, and open-edition decor. The paper supports accurate color reproduction and high-contrast, high-resolution output, and is acid-free for a longer print life with pigment inks. It features a heavy weight (230 gsm), thick base (9.5 mil), and an instant-dry coating that resists fingerprints and smudging.

LexJet Sunset Photo eSatin Paper

LexJet’s new 11 mil Sunset Photo eSatin 300g paper answers photographers’ requests for a heavier, more substantial photo paper, with excellent ink retention characteristics and a color gamut that is second to none. This paper maintains a traditional E surface finish, providing an elegant texture consistent to that of a dark room.

LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth

Introducing the next-generation Water-Resistant Satin Cloth, a material that will set a new standard for image quality and white point. Water-Resistant Satin Cloth w/ PreLume raises the performance bar by providing a white point never before seen on a fabric substrate. With the award winning PreLume technology, images are visually enhanced to produce stunning graphic output. PreLume technology visually enhances graphic output by providing a white point that is brighter, whiter, and lasts considerably longer than substrates whitened with typical optical brighteners (OBs). Optical brighteners will turn yellow when exposed to UV light or moisture. This bright white cloth is perfect for retractable banner stands, artist reproductions, backlit displays, window shades, and table skirts that need to stand up to the test of time and provide visual impact.

LexJet Sunset Bright Velvet Rag

Sunset Bright Velvet Rag 315g (20 mil) is the latest addition to the award-winning Sunset lineup. This 100% cotton rag fine art paper with a velvet surface boasts a bright white finish, and serves as a perfect complement to Sunset Velvet Rag 315g. It is designed to meet the needs of the most discerning artists and represents the ideal choice for a bright white, 100% rag paper with a velvet finish.

Epson Somerset Velvet Fine Art Paper

Somerset® has always been the first paper choice among serious artists and printmakers. Ever since the 1700s and the days of handmade paper, Somerset has enjoyed a reputation for quality that has continued to grow through the years. Now Epson brings you this old world paper, with an ink jet coating, to meet the quality requirements of the most demanding printmaker. Somerset Velvet for Epson is a 100% cotton, acid-free paper that delivers long-lasting prints when printed with Epson UltraChrome HDR Inks. Like all of Epson’s innovative media, Somerset Velvet is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible.