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    Uploading Artwork

    Feel free to upload your art files directly to our server. Make sure your file has one of the file extensions list below to ensure a proper file transfer.

    .tif, .tiff,.eps, .jpg, .jpeg,.pdf,.zip, .psd
    (Maximum size of each file is 100MB) Call if you have larger files.

    Select your files for uploading with the “Browse Files“ button at the bottom of this form or simply drag your files into the uploads box at the bottom of the form.  Make sure that your message clearly defines what you want for each file you attach. (Refer to them by name, not first photo and second photo.)

    Please name your file using a PO number so we can find your file easily. (Example: smith0422a, smith0422b Etc.) Large files may take several minutes to upload so please be patient, you will be redirected to another page when the upload is complete.