This month we are pleased to feature one of our favorite client’s that have a unique way of displaying her talent.  Val Warner focusses on wildlife to inspire her paintings. She has a keen eye for detail as you will see in her work.

Val Warner lives in the Sierras between Sacramento and Tahoe with her husband, Chuck and their golden retriever, Rocky on 5 beautiful “mountain top” acres. “I have been inspired to draw, study and paint all of my life with the never ending focus on the play of light on living creatures, whether they be trees, rocks, or breathing beings”, says Val. “Yes, I live in California and am kind of a hippy, jock, tree hugger”, Val adds.

We asked Val why she paints and she responded, “”It’s me, it’s what I do. When I paint I get to become very intimate with my subject. I see it/them for what they really are. Light. Color, Radiance. I’m brought to tears every time. That’s why I paint. To share that. To show that. To live that.”

“What style and methods do you utilize for your paintings?”, we asked. “I choose to live as an oil painter. I have always used oils and find they lend themselves to the luminosity and depth I NEED to show in my work. Living creatures are so full of bounced light, it is a never ending challenge to put that in my paintings. My style is basically realistic though I love a juicy plein air now and then. My quest is to show my subjects in a way that causes to viewer to stop and take notice. To appreciate the power, gentleness, whatever that is unique to that animal or person or location. I’ve been told that my work has a certain radiance that transcends the canvas.” Val answers.

The following are some of the galleries that are showing Val Warners pieces:

Wyland Gallery – South Lake Tahoe, CA
Located in the Raley’s Shopping Center near stateline
in their absolutely beautiful new gallery!
A must see!
530 541-7099

Wyland Gallery,
Planet Hollywood Casino Mall aka Miracle Mile Mall
Las Vegas, NV
(702)699- 5363

We would love to show you some of her work, but because the internet has many thieves, we felt it would be best to send you to her website where you may take a closer look at this incredible artist and her

Thank you Mrs. Warner for the opportunity. And keep bringing in your work for us to duplicate them. We love your work!